Tips to keep your sex life always in honeymoon phase

Topic sex is always a stigma and shame in Indian households to talk about. So many are suffering dealing with sexual health issues or trying to find information about sex through fake online sources and unscientific advice of friends. So here are some  essential things that can bring the spark back in your sex life.


Touch has immense power. A long hug, cuddling and watching your favourite shows together, stroking your partner’s hair, engaging in a nice massage, or playing footsie under the table while eating, they are sure going to bring back spark in your relationship.

Signs you are sensitive

Romantic bath together

Showering together bring steam in your relationship. Your shower time is the most private time in your life, and sharing that personal time with your partner means you are sharing all aspects of yourselves. It brings  romantic spark into your relationship and helps to discover your partner’s body in all its glory.

Fun outside bedroom

Be  adventurous. Share games and adventures with your partner. Do whatever makes you happy and have fun as long as it is together and spend quality time together.



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