There is good news! Vaccine appointments can now be made via WhatsApp. The Health Minister refers to it as a “new age of citizen convenience”

New Delhi:  In the midst of the ongoing struggle against the deadly Coronavirus, there is some good news for millions of Indians who have yet to be immunized. Yes, they may now book COVID-19 immunization times over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, for its part, has stated that the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on its platform would now let users to discover their nearest vaccination center and arrange immunization appointments.

WhatsApp, for its part, has stated that the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on its platform would now let users discover their nearest vaccination centre and arrange immunization appointments.

On August 5, MyGov and WhatsApp enabled users to download vaccine certificates through the chatbot; so far, over 32 lakh certificates have been downloaded by people across the country.

“Since its introduction in March 2020, the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most authentic sources of COVID-related information throughout the epidemic and functioned as a crucial instrument in battling the public-health disaster for over 41 million users across India,” it added.

According to MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh, the MyGov Corona Helpdesk was a game-changing technology solution that helped millions of individuals across the country.

“Since its launch, MyGov Corona Helpdesk has evolved into a go-to platform that not only helps citizens with authentic Corona-related information but is now also assisting them in the process of vaccine booking as well as finding vaccination centers and slots and downloading vaccination certificates,” he added.

He went on to say that it is enabling real digital inclusion because most individuals find the AI-based interface available on WhatsApp easier to navigate.

“Our collaboration has unlocked the potential of technology to provide advantages to citizens on a large scale.” According to the enormous number of people who have placed their trust in the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot and used its services, this is a major step in our road to becoming a digitally empowered country.

“As a platform, we are entirely committed to assisting our government in combating this pandemic,” WhatsApp Public Policy Director Shivnath Thukral said.

Citizens can contact the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot by saving the WhatsApp number +91 9013151515 on their phones, starting a chat by typing ‘Book Slot’, and sending it to the number. This will produce a six-digit one-time password on the mobile phone number in question.

Based on the Pincode and vaccine kind, users select a preferred date and place. All users can use this sequence to acquire confirmation of their vaccination center and the date of their appointment.


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