On Thursday, nearly 180 Indians are expected to be evacuated from Kabul

According to people familiar with the developments, India is expected to bring back around 180 people from Kabul in a military aircraft on Thursday, amid a scramble by various countries to evacuate their citizens before the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of American troops from the war-torn country.

According to them, those being evacuated include Indians as well as a number of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus.

According to one of the people cited above, the aircraft carrying approximately 180 people is expected to arrive in Delhi on Thursday morning.

India has already evacuated over 800 people under its mission ‘Operation Devi Shakti’ in light of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Kabul since it was captured by the Taliban on August 15.

For more than a week, thousands of Afghans have gathered around Kabul International Airport in a desperate attempt to flee the country, fearing the Taliban’s brutality.

Several G-7 leaders asked US President Joe Biden on Wednesday to extend the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of American troops. However, Biden stated that the US is attempting to adhere to the timetable.

“We are currently on track to complete by August 31st. The sooner we can complete this task, the better. Each day of operations increases the risk to our troops “He stated.

In light of the deteriorating security situation in the Afghan capital and other parts of the country, India has increased its efforts to evacuate its citizens as well as its Afghan partners from Kabul in recent days.

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