Joe Biden vows to track down the perpetrators of the Kabul terror incident, which has claimed the lives of over 90 people

The death toll from Thursday’s terror attack between Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport and the neighboring Baron Hotel has risen to 90, including ten US marines.

The US military has vowed to track down the Islamic State’s commanders, who have claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. The attackers were interpreters and collaborators with the US Army, according to an ISIS-K statement.

ISIS-K (Khorasan Province) is an Islamic State regional offshoot active in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The first bomb erupted among the crowds gathered outside one of the airport gates, hoping to be permitted inside so they could board one of the few available evacuation aircraft. The Taliban claimed that American soldiers were responsible for the security of this gate, known as the Abbey Gate. The second attack occurred near the neighboring Baron Hotel.

ISIS could launch more rocket or explosive-laden vehicle strikes on the airport in the coming days, according to US Central Command chief General Frank McKenzie.

US President Joe Biden stated that terrorists will not dissuade his country and that he will hunt down the perpetrators and hold them accountable for the horrible acts.
In statements regarding Thursday’s terror assault, Biden stated that despite the extreme threats, the US had evacuated nearly 100,000 individuals from Afghanistan in the last several days.

“”We can, and we must, finish our objective,” Biden said, adding, “We will not be intimidated by terrorists.” We’ll keep moving forward with the evacuation.”

The attacks reaffirmed the need for the world to stand united against terrorism and all those who provide sanctuaries to terrorists, said Indian Ambassador to the UN TS Tirumurti during a UN Security Council meeting, condemning the attack and grieving the loss of life.

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