Food items to avoid if trying to conceive

Are you trying to conceive then you must know that your diet has an important role in it. Healthy eating improves your fertility so there are some do’s and don’ts . Avoid these kind of foods when you are trying for a baby.

Foods with trans fats:

Avoid eating  pastries, cakes, chips, fast food. These kinds of foods are linked to infertility . It will increase the  cholesterol in the body and also ramp up body weight and obstruct the production of insulin.

Direct unfiltered water:

Drinking such water in will make numerous amounts of salt in your body. Drink boiled water or filtered water during pregnancy.

Food with high sugar or carbs: 

Avoid high sugar and carbs when you are trying to get pregnant if you have PCOS or PCOD . Refined sugar and carbohydrates are present in these food items which will remove several important nutrients important for boosting fertility and increase insulin levels in your body and affect the ovaries and also reduce the chances of conceiving.


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