Why Aamir Khan divorced Kiran Rao? What ended their 15-year marriage; reason is out

Here’s what exactly happened between Bollywood star Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao to call it quits on their 15-year-long marriage.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their split in a joint statement a week ago. According to the joint statement, Aamir and Kiran have decided to be co-parents and family members to each other.
According to the statement, “We’ve shared a lifetime of events, joy, and laughter over the last 15 years, and our relationship has only grown in trust, respect, and love. We’d like to start a new chapter in our life as co-parents and family to each other, rather than as husband and wife.”

Later, a video was aired in which Aamir and Kiran assured their followers that they will remain as a family forever, as this came as shocking news to many. However, various reports have said that the two will remain more friendly than ever before and that nothing will go wrong.
According to a Free Press Journal article, Aamir and Kiran emotionally separated in 2019. According to the story, a Bollywood source stated that both marriage and divorce are extreme moves for Aamir. The report also stated that the rumors about Aamir Khan marrying Fatima Sana Shaikh are false.

According to the source, “the reason why he and Kiran chose to separate is simple throughout the years.” Both of them appear to have outgrown the foundation of marriage. There were no major discrepancies or difficulties. You are still a friend. While your values and ideas may remain constant, your needs, perspectives on life, desires, and opinions change throughout time, including your perspective on love and marriage.

It also states, “And then, at that point in one’s life, it is preferable to live apart in peace than stay together with hatred in a marriage that has outlived its usefulness. While both stated that they emotionally separated in 2019, they chose to have a trial period of separation for a few years following that.”
He was previously married to Reena Dutta. They were married for 16 years before divorcing in 2002. Kiran and Aamir married on December 28, 2005. Later that year, through surrogacy, they became parents to Azad Rao Khan, a boy.

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