How men say “I love you” without saying anything

It is a widely held assumption that men are incapable of expressing themselves, particularly when it comes to love. Unlike most women, they do not have the practice of frequently saying ‘I love you out loud. However, when it comes to expressing feelings of love, their actions matter a lot. It could be how they encourage their spouses or how they show up to doorsteps carrying their partner’s favorite flower bouquet. Everything is in the details.

Here are several ways for males to express their feelings without saying anything at all.

1. When he covers you with a blanket while you’re sleeping. This is a highly reassuring gesture because being cared for while sleeping creates a sense of serenity and security.
2. When he buys you items that you adore. This may appear superficial, but most men believe that giving their lady love her favorite set of diamond earrings will make her happy. It’s a plus when men notice things that women like out of the blue.
3. When he texts you frequently. Men will never resist texting their spouses because it reminds them how much their partner misses them. They will prefer to inquire, “Did you eat lunch?” or “Is your stomach ache better now?” because they genuinely care about you.

4. When he frequently takes you on trips. Men enjoy taking their lover on vacation with them. Aside from spending quality time together, males can’t stand being apart from their love for even a few days.
5. When he lets you watch your favorite TV show instead of playing his games. Because men and games go hand in hand, this is a big symbol of how guys display their love! Even though he has been waiting all week to play the game, he lets you have the TV, which is a big sign of ‘I love you.’

6. When he will not accept anyone speaking negatively about you. Men despise it when someone disparages their partner’s ability, behavior, attractiveness, or attitude. If someone speaks cruelly to you, he will most likely not hesitate to bark back.

7. When he lavishes you with attention throughout his life. Men enjoy involving their girlfriends in their activities. Men appreciate it when their partner takes the lead, whether it’s in picking the colour of their tie or the variety of meals, especially when it’s their life.

8. When he backs you up in all of your decisions. Men may not always agree with their partner on everything, but they will always back up their partner’s decisions. Their nonverbal behaviours speak louder than their words. This is their way of saying “I love you” to their lover.

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