Ration card abuse will be strictly prosecuted

To reduce ration card misuse, separate ration cards will be issued only if more than one family lives in the same house, after ensuring that they do not share food or accommodation, according to Food and Public Distribution Department officials.

If an application for the card is received, the necessary action will be taken within the time frame specified, and strict legal action will be taken against those who provide false information. If the name of a person residing in another state is included on the card, the person will be classified as NRK (Non-Resident Keralite), and their ration will be reduced.

For those who live in a rented house, the card will be issued based on the rent slip and Aadhaar card without the building owner’s consent. If the spouses are legally divorced, a separate card can be obtained. According to the authorities, those who are not legally divorced but live apart will be issued the card only after seeking legal advice on the preparation of an investigation report and submitting it to the Director of Public Distribution.

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