Remove these people from your life’s circle of friends

There are people who are beneficial to you and your life, but there are also those who have a negative impact on you that you may not be aware of. As we get older, we develop a better sense of what we want and the types of people who are good for us or not. Many of us may have filtered a few in the midst of the pandemic when the reality of many people became apparent. But are you still hanging out with the wrong people? Here is a list of five types of friends you should avoid at all costs.

Over competitive friend

Being competitive is healthy and acceptable, but there are those who are constantly striving to outperform and compete with you. Do you have something new? The individual will attempt to obtain a better version of it. You don’t need such people because they exude strong negative energy that may irritate you deep down.


There are people who are willing to participate in any activity you ask them to. Then there are those who abandon you far too frequently. You do not require ditchers. Once or twice is acceptable, but not every time. Also, if he or she is canceling, the reason should be genuine; the person is not worth the effort if rescheduling is the only thing you have been doing.

Negative souls

Those who constantly see the glass as half empty are a major negative influence you should avoid. If a conversation with the person always leaves you feeling dark or demotivated at the end, it is a sign that this person should be let go.

Over moody


True, some people are moody by nature, but if it happens too frequently where he/she is all kisses and hugs and laughter one moment and then does not even pick up your phone or is angry with you for no reason and is chilling with someone else. You don’t need a hot and cold person who spends half of their time predicting how the other will react.

Me, me and me

You aren’t anyone’s therapist! If someone calls or meets with you and only talks about his/her problems in life, and when you tell them yours, they brush it off, snip them out. Every relationship is a two-way street. When two friends are involved in a friendship, they cannot have a monologue every time.

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