Period pain is a bad sign, among other myths about menstruation!

Periods are still a taboo subject that is discussed in hushed tones. While it’s past time to talk openly about periods, it’s also past time to stop believing the myths that surround them.
Period pain, also known medically as dysmenorrhea, is a common issue for most women. It can occur for a variety of reasons and is classified into two types: spasmodic pain and congestive pain. While many people are concerned and believe it is out of the ordinary, experts say it is completely normal.

Period pain affects roughly 70% to 80% of women. The pain can range from mild to severe. In severe cases, some women may even pass out. Different women experience different types of pain and symptoms.
Here are some common period myths that we need to stop believing.

MYTH: Period pain is a bad thing, according to popular belief.

Fact: Period pain does not always indicate an underlying problem. In fact, mild to moderate period pain is a good sign. Period pain is a sign of a healthy uterus and ovaries, which may surprise you.

Myth: Sour and cold foods should be avoided during menstruation.
Fact: There is no scientific reason why women should avoid eating sour foods during their periods. Sour foods are high in Vitamin C, which aids in immunity building. Cold foods can be consumed in moderation. Only oily and spicy foods are prohibited because they can aggravate the already existing gastric issues caused by periods.

Myth: You cannot get pregnant during your periods

Fact:┬áIt’s possible to get pregnant during periods. When you have regular periods, it is unlikely that you can conceive.

You need to ovulate or release an egg, in order to get pregnant, which usually happens after your period is over. If you have irregular periods, the time when you are fertile may overlap with your period. You can also get pregnant during periods if you bleed longer than usual.

Unless, you are on birth control pills or an IUD, assume that there are no safe days to have sex without protection.

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