Amazon’s new work-from-home policy: Here’s what the tech behemoth will do

New Delhi:  Amazon is giving its employees more freedom as the internet behemoth prepares to reopen its doors. In a message to employees on Monday, Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy stated that Inc will allow individual teams to decide how many days corporate employees will be expected to work from the office in a week.

“Instead of requiring people to work a minimum of three days per week in the office for our corporate roles, we’re going to leave this decision up to individual teams.” At the Director level, this decision will be made team by team. We anticipate that some teams will continue to work mostly remotely, while others will work a combination of remotely and in the office, and still others will decide that it is best for customers if the team works mostly in the office. We are not prescribing how many days or which days Directors should take; this is something Directors should discuss with their senior leaders and teams. “Decisions should be guided by what is most effective for our customers; and, predictably, we will all continue to be evaluated by how we deliver for customers, regardless of where the work is performed,” Jassy wrote.

Amazon`s policy previously required employees to return to the office from January 3 for at least three days a week.

“…We’ve shared a couple of updates on this topic, initially thinking we’d be back in the office in September 2021, and then by January 2022, with the suggestion that we all try to be in the office at least three days a week,” Jassy wrote.

“…We anticipate hearing from your leaders about these specific plans before January 3, which is the date we previously set for people to begin returning to the office at least three days a week,” he added.

Jassy emphasized that the company expects its employees to be close enough to their teams to be able to attend meetings on short notice.

“At this point, we want the majority of our employees to be close enough to their core team that they can easily travel to the office for a meeting on short notice. We also know that many people find being able to work remotely from a different location for a few weeks at a time inspiring and reenergizing. We want to encourage this flexibility and will continue to provide corporate employees who can work effectively away from the office with the option to work up to four weeks per year fully remote from any location within your country of employment “He penned.

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