Mia Khalifa posts ‘SEXY’ photos and describes herself as ‘HOT’ with uneven breasts

Mia Khalifa, a former porn star who is now a fashion designer, has shared some stunning photos on her social media page. Mia Khalifa made headlines when she launched her clothing line, which included some sexy swimsuits. She’s also posed in a few swimsuits to show off her sexy body. Mia is very active on social media and understands how to create a buzz. Mia’s Instagram page depicts her various moods. She flaunts her washboard abs, revealing the secret to her fit physique.

Mia has shared some super hot pictures flaunting her sexy figure; Mia had called herself a “hot girl”. She captioned the image as, “Only hot girls have uneven boobs.”

Did you know that Mia Khalifa has been one of Google’s most searched personalities for several years? Mia has actively raised her voice against global warming, climate change, and many other critical issues after working in the pron industry for a few years.
Mia has also become a social media philanthropist. She posted a series of images on Instagram that have gotten a lot of attention. She had donated $160,000 (approximately Rs. 1.17 crore) of her OnlyFans profits to an NGO.

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