Warning signs your husband fancies YOUR SISTER

It’s a common thought, and there’s no denying that husbands often have feelings for their wives’ sisters. It’s a common fantasy that, of course, no wife enjoys. So, as a heads up, here are some red flags that your husband might be interested in your sister.

Too many inside jokes

A few light jokes and healthy banter once in a while is fine, but if your husband gets deep into jokes that only he and your sister understand, that is a red flag.

Judgements on her relationships

A brotherly judgement is still acceptable, but if a man disapproves of your sister’s boyfriend for strange reasons, you should inquire as to the true reason or investigate the root cause.

Too many compliments

When your sister walks in, keep an eye out for his eye movement. Aside from that, if he compliments her in a way that you sense is a little too much and too detailed, you have a reason to sit down and talk with your husband.

Tries to impress

You should be the only person he seeks and attempts to impress. But if you suspect, feel, or even witness the same treatment being meted out to your sister, don’t blame her; instead, seize your husband because he is YOUR husband.


Flirting is simply not acceptable. You must set your foot down. Your sister is also not safe if she is underage. So be cautious.

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