People’s most common regrets in life

There are many things that come and go in life. Our choices continue to alter our path. They mould us and our lives. There are some who believe in the YOLO concept, but many of us live with regrets. It is critical that you do what you have always wanted to do as long as it is legal, and that you die with a smile at the end of your birth cycle. Here are some common regrets that people have, so maybe this list will help you work on it.

Being better partners, parents, children

Many people, if you look closely, regret not being a good son, daughter, wife, husband, or child, and it gnaws at them from within. You must keep in mind that your family is the closest relationship you have. No one can harm you if your family is united, no matter how close your friends are. So prioritise those members and act in the manner in which you want others to interact with you.

The workaholism

People frequently forget that work and earning money are only a part of life, not your entire life. It brings you luxury to pay for the amazing materialistic things you would require, but what is the point if you don’t have time to use that money, give comfort to others or yourself?

Not travelling

It is important to see the world around you, to travel, to meet new people, to try different cuisines, and to soak up the sun and wind of a location other than your own. What’s the point of living if you’re like that frog in the pond? Most people end up resenting the fact that they did not visit xyz location. Carry it out! Do it right now! And if you work from home, you really don’t have much of an excuse.

Being too safe

Taking risks in life is an essential part of growing up. If you have ideas or wishes but are afraid to act on them, remember “jo darr gaya, samjho margaya.” You will learn from your mistakes if you fail. At the very least, you won’t have nightmares about it that will come back to bite you later!

Living those dreams

You are just another rat if you follow the rat race. However, if you go ahead and live your dream, you will be at peace in the future. You’ve always wanted to open a cafe. That Goa shack you were thinking about. Create your own perfumes and paintings, and let your imagination run wild. Go backpacking around the world (with some planning). Do the job you want to do rather than what is “expected” of you! Your life is at stake!

Helping others

This regret frequently bites. Many people later feel guilty because they know they could have helped ABC but didn’t. If you have that regret, seize the next opportunity that comes your way. Life is too short to harbour resentments and grudges!

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