The one thing that women despise about sex

Sex is all about pleasure and fulfilment. Being in a close relationship with your partner can set off waves of pleasure and sex. People enjoy experimenting between the sheets, but there are some things that they dislike. As a result, it’s safe to say that not everyone enjoys everything about sex. But have you ever considered what women truly despise about sex? Let’s get started on this.

Women and insecurities

Women are becoming increasingly self-conscious about their bodies. Because society projects an image of how women should be, many women are terrified of opening up to their partners, bare and naked, while having sex.

Feeling conscious

According to a recent study, women despise feeling self-conscious during sex the most. Many women are preoccupied with how they appear during sex. The pressure of having to look perfect during sex can be enormous.

The pressure of reaching climax

Women take longer to reach their climax. And that is something that most men do not understand. Women are then expected to climax while their partners are orgasming. This stress can also have a negative impact on women’s mood.

Other dislikes

Women despise it when there are interruptions during sex or when they are unable to achieve orgasm. Additional concerns, such as the risk of contracting STIs, detract from the sex experience for women.




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