8 naughty things that women want you to do in bed

Women expect their partners to understand from their body language that they want him to do something specific. As a result, the man is left guessing and may be afraid to try something she might enjoy. To address this issue, we’ve put together this guide to what women really want you to do in bed.

Talking dirty

You’d be surprised how much women enjoy it when men talk dirty in bed. It usually happens when they want you to say something in the heat of passion.

Go slow

Kissing, sex, or foreplay do not always have to be completed in 10 minutes. She isn’t fleeing, so take your time. Unless, of course, she is also in a good mood. Work your way through it.

Sex toys

No, not all, but she might want you to use the vibrator on her. If you think it will surprise her (if it is a topic that has never been discussed), slip in a comment about how you read something about using a vibrator and the pleasure it provides. You never know when she’ll ask you to use it.

The undressing

Women prefer it when their partner undresses them rather than them undressing themselves. There are two ways to go about it: aggressively or gently. However, if you’re feeling aggressive and want to tear off her clothes, make sure it’s not something she treasures or is too expensive to damage.



It’s the same as you want her to compliment you. Compliment her lingerie and body parts, make her feel confident, and watch how she blossoms in bed.

Smell good

Please smell nice and use antiperspirant unless you have an underarm fetish. Put on the perfume she likes.

The finishing line

Please do your best to last as long as possible. Women take time to reach a climax.

Going down

Most women don’t say it, but they want their man to betray them in the same way that men expect their partners to betray them. Oral sex, not the act of sex, causes them to experience orgasm.

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