SEX ADDICTS have three lying patterns that they use to deceive their wives

Sex addiction is a serious problem, and in order to conceal it, addicts begin lying to their spouses. Sex addicts lie in three ways in order to avoid being caught. And, yes, they do destroy the relationship. If your spouse is a sex addict, here are some things you should know about how to stop him or her from lying.


Even if you have photographic evidence, their initial reaction is denial. The defense mechanism kicks in full force, and the lengths they will go to appear innocent can be mind-boggling. They will be unable to admit the truth due to their feelings of shame. They will be unable to look you in the eyes, will keep touching his face while speaking, or will completely withdraw and not respond to you at all, and will most likely leave the room.


This is the second step or exit for them, and it can drive you insane! You’ll be driven insane by the psychological manipulation. He or she will act like a maniac, raise his or her voice, become angry while denying the truth, and in another case, he or she may even add details to the lie with such precision that it will appear real and you will definitely believe it!


Many people, especially addicts, enjoy being in their own bubble. This is habitual lying, and they begin to believe their own lies. Don’t be surprised if they say, “I never do such things.” She or he may be unable to separate their married life from their lies, and the facts are frequently merged. If the third scenario occurs, be more patient if you want them to recover through therapy because it will take much longer.

Accept assistance, first speak with him or her, and do not lose patience. It is an addiction, not a simple case of cheating. Do not believe dialogues such as “If you really knew me (the real me), you would leave me.” Challenge it by asking them to first explain what they are going through. Do not lash out because the lying was based on the expectation that you would.


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