Deleted WhatsApp messages? Here’s how to do it

New Delhi: WhatsApp is almost always the first app that comes to mind when you think of instant messaging apps. This messaging app is one of the most widely used around the world. WhatsApp can be used for formal as well as informal conversations. You can also delete messages you’ve sent to others using the app.

Someone may delete WhatsApp messages sent to you for a variety of reasons, such as typing errors or sending the message to the wrong person. Once a message has been deleted, it is difficult to recover it. You’re in luck if you happened to see the message right before the sender deleted it, or if you were able to read it in the notification window. It should be noted that WhatsApp does not have an official option for recovering deleted messages. However, there is a hack that may be a viable solution to the problem of how to read deleted WhatsApp conversations.

You’ll have to leave WhatsApp’s secure confines and rely on third-party apps. There are several apps that may be able to help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages. Take the steps listed below to find out what the deleted message was about. It should be noted, however, that the method only works on Android phones and not on iPhones. Furthermore, because a third-party app is used to read deleted WhatsApp messages, you must grant the app a lot of permissions and access, which may be intrusive and compromise your privacy. As a result, it could be a dangerous game to play.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

Step 1: A variety of third-party software can be used to view deleted WhatsApp messages, but we’ll concentrate on the WAMR app and how to use it.

Step 2: Download and install the WAMR app from the Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 3: Next, open the app, read and accept the disclaimer, and then click the Next arrow.

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to decide which applications you want to monitor. You must select WhatsApp from the list of options. You can also watch other messaging apps if you want to.

Step 5: After reading all of the information, swipe until you reach the Setup screen.

Step 6: On the settings page, click the Enable button next to Notification Reader.

Step 7: You will now be directed to your phone’s Settings app, where you can grant notification access.

Step 8: Locate and tap WAMR in the Settings menu.

Step 9: Grant notification access, then grant it again.

Step 10: After granting access to the application, return to the WAMR app and tap the Next arrow.

Step 11: You can now save your WhatsApp notification history. WAMR will notify you if someone deletes a WhatsApp message they sent you, and you can read the message by pressing the notification.

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