3 Cute Ways to Break the Ice in an Arranged Marriage

Meeting your soulmate in an arranged marriage can feel like a sign from the gods. However, you may suspect that there is more to your partner than meets the eye. However, as there may be awkward silences between you two, getting to know your prospective spouse on a deeper level is easier said than done. As a result, it is critical that you set the right tone for warmth and love by finally breaking the ice between the two of you. You can use the following suggestions to become more at ease with your partner.

  1. Cook for each other

Cooking is not only a useful life skill, but it is also a social activity that can help you bond. So, invite your partner over with some ingredients for their favorite dish and prepare it for them. Using their assistance to dice vegetables and collaborating to bake a sinful dessert can bring you closer together.

Have them meet your best friends

Another great way to start a conversation is to invite them and their best friend out to dinner and drinks with you and your bestie. While the two of you may be uncomfortable, you can be certain that your friends will not be. They can be excellent icebreakers, leading the conversation to a point where you can learn interesting facts about your partner’s childhood that would otherwise be unknown to you.

  1. Seek your thrills at an amusement park

If you want to go on an unchaperoned date, take your partner to an amusement park. This allows you both to engage in exciting activities without having to wait for the other to initiate a conversation. Bring out your wild side at a water park, and the two of you will be giggling like kids in no time. You might even find yourselves holding hands or relying on each other for moral support on the more daring rides, such as roller coasters, which will help you create wonderful memories.

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