Zodiac signs who despise texting back

Getting left on reading is something none of us enjoy. In fact, we despise it when people simply forget to respond to our texts. Then insecurity, suspicion, and distrust emerge, causing problems in a friendship or even a relationship. There could be underlying reasons why someone did not respond to you. Perhaps they’ve lost interest or are simply worried about something. Let’s look at which zodiac signs have a habit of not responding to text messages.


This zodiac sign is extremely impatient. They have a lot on their plate, so they lose track of who and what to text. They may receive your message and even look at it, but it will quickly fade from their minds as something more important catches their attention.


When it comes to responding to texts, they are quite uneasy. They have a lot of emotions to express, but they are unsure how to approach someone via text. They are also extremely stubborn, so if they are angry with someone, they will never text back.


They are extremely erratic. They can’t stop texting you one minute and then stop texting you completely the next. Because they have a split personality, it is difficult to understand their moods, preferences, and what they actually think, do, and want.


They have a lot of high expectations. So, if they aren’t available, they won’t even respond to the text, let alone inform the person of their absence. However, they are also unaware that leaving someone on read can leave the latter frustrated and sad.


They don’t leave people on read on purpose because most of the time they forget that someone has texted them. Aquarians have a lot of friends, so tending to all of them appears to be impossible. They don’t text back on purpose, so don’t worry.

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