‘I was left crying in middle of the road’ :Gauahar Khan

Actor Gauahar Khan is a woman made of steel. She is now a bankable star. But many don’t know that the popular actor is a naïve child by heart, who was even conned by a kid years back.

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“People lose phones but I almost gave it away. Some 15 years back, I was at the Lokhandwala market and carrying the new Nokia Egg phone, which back then costed more than Rs 20,000. A worried teenager approached me and said that he had the same model but already lost it twice. He asked me if I could accompany him to his house, and while I waited on the staircase, he will just assure his mother he has the phone and then return it to me. In the 10 second that he was gone my heart said that ‘Gauhar tum bewakuf ban gayi (you have been fooled)’. I don’t know if the boy jumped off the terrace or went down the lift but I was left crying in the middle of the road, having been conned by a kid,”  Gauahar  revealed in an interview.

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