4 Zodiac signs that are likely to stay single

In every relationship, there is a third wheel. He or she is as single as one can be and frequently ends up hanging out with a couple because he or she has nowhere else to go. They don’t want to be in a relationship, but whenever they do, either the relationship ends quickly or they end up hating their partner. Not to mention that no matter how hard we try to hook them, they eventually break free from the relationship.

According to astrology, the following four zodiac signs are more likely to remain single.


Aries is a solitary sign. Because of their high expectations and inability to bond well with others, they are likely to remain single for the majority of their lives. One negative vibe from a person, no matter how hard they try, and they will part ways. They want to be in a relationship but frequently walk away for one reason or another.


A Cancer is also likely to remain single for an extended period of time. While they are givers in a relationship, what turns them off is the inability of the other person to reciprocate the same. They are sensitive individuals who feel betrayed when their partners take them for granted. This is why, the majority of the time, they are single, and they might as well accept it.


A Scorpio can make their relationship work in less than six months. They would rather have a breakup than spend their time and lives with someone with whom they do not connect. Scorpios are romantics at heart, but due to a lack of adjustment, they are likely to remain single for the majority of their lives.


Most people born under this sign want to be the dominant one in a relationship, and if that is not possible, they would prefer to be single. A Taurus wants things done their way, and it’s difficult for them to find a partner who meets this criterion. This is why they are content to be single and will not mind waiting for their soul mate.

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