What is Ocular pruritus? How it happend?

The problem of itchy eyes is known as Ocular pruritus. It is usually caused by a condition called dry eye syndrome. As our eyes make for an important part of our body, it is important to take good care of them by going for a routine check-up with an ophthalmologist. People also go through anxiety as Ocular pruritus affects their day-to-day life. To avoid such problems one should always make sure not to expose your eyes to any harsh light, dirt or anything that can cause irritation.


Itchy eyes: It is caused by allergens producing histamine in the eye tissues, which causes itchiness, swelling, and redness in the person’s eyes.

Burning in the eyes, and swelling around the eyes: It is caused because of bacteria in the eyes, clogged oil glands around the eyelash pores, or lice mites in the eyelashes

Dry eyes: It is another symptom, as tears are the most important lubricant which keeps the eyes and eyelashes healthy and lack of it can cause itchiness and dry eye.

Watery discharge from the eye is another symptom of an itchy eye.

Precautions: One can get anti-allergy pills to avoid the itchiness in the eye.
Clean your eyelids properly while washing your face.
Avoid using makeup older than six months.
Avoid rubbing your eyelashes very frequently.
Prefer hypoallergenic products for your makeup
Change contact lenses regularly

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