The state govt allocated Rs 30 cr for crop insurance, but farmers are still out

Kerala govt allocated Rs 30 cr for crop insurance even though many farmers are still out. Agriculture minister P Prasad has informed that the state government has allocated Rs 30 crores for crop insurance. Those who are enrolled under the scheme will get their respective financial assistance through bank accounts, he added.

The crop insurance amount has been disbursed for protecting farmers from the impact of natural calamities induced crop loss. The farmers in the state are in constant struggle with the changing climatic conditions. Most of the farmers in the state are involved in agriculture by relying on bank loans and local money lenders to sustain themselves in the sector.

2.04 lakh farmers are registered under the state crop insurance scheme and 19 lakh have membership in the farmer’s register of Krishi Bhavan. Meanwhile, reports said roughly around 12 lakh farmers in the state are still out of the insurance benefits.


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