Insurance claim to pay debt; man kills wife

To claim insurance to pay off his debt a man killed his wife. The man shot his wife dead to siphon off her insurance claim to pay off his debts after watching videos on the internet in the Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The accused husband, identified as Badriprasad Meena, has been arrested.

The accused took the help of the internet to commit the crime. He saw several videos on the internet to find a solution to pay off his debts. After watching some videos, he first got his wife insured and then killed her for the insurance money.

The wife, identified as Pooja, was shot by her husband on July 26 at around 9 pm near Mana Jod on Bhopal road. She died during treatment in a hospital. The husband initially tried to mislead the police but was nabbed when the matter was investigated closely. After killing his wife, the accused filed an FIR against four people for murdering his wife.


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