Urfi Javed slams Chahatt Khanna for making ‘cheap’ fashion remarks; Urfi replied!!!

Urfi Javed, who become sensational on coloumns of her dressing style, slammed Chahatt Khanna for making remarks about her outfit. Khanna took to social media calling out Urfi’s fashion ‘nasty’ and ‘cheap’. She made remarks by sharing a collage of Urfi’s images of her wearing a yellow dupatta dress on a recent outing.

Later, Urfi attacked her back and called Chahat a ‘hypocrite.’ Urfi also wrote, “At least I earn my own money not living off my 2 ex husbands alimony! @chahattkhanna I ain’t coming to you judging how you love your life. Idk what these aunties have against me lol.”  Meanwhile, Urfi has caught everybody’s attention because of her eccentric fashion choices.

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