219 tech firms fired around 68,000 employees in January

The tech industry has faced more layoffs in the year 2023. Tech firms like Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, and Google- joining the ongoing layoff spree, it has been reported that around 3,400 tech employees are being laid off every day (on an average) globally this month.

As per the data by layoffs tracking site Layoffs.fyi, around 219 companies have laid off more than 68,000 employees in January 2023 (by the time of writing). In 2022, over 1,000 companies laid off 154,336 workers, as per the data from the layoffs tracking site Layoffs.fyi.

The mass tech layoffs of 2022 are continuing into the new year. The sacking episodes have gained speed amid the global economic meltdown and recession fears. With more Big Tech companies like Microsoft and Google joining the ongoing layoff season, about 3,000 tech employees are now being laid off per day on average in January globally, including in India.

Google has sent an email to foreign employees, notifying them that the tech giant will pause any new filings of PERM, leaving foreign workers in limbo. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is full of job hunts, offers of support for laid-off friends and colleagues, and advice for coping with career hurdles as several companies trim their workforce to navigate through an uncertain macroeconomic environment.

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