How Fish can be a cure for grey hair?

Hair that is healthy and shiny is a manifestation of good overall health as well as youthfulness. However, some of us often tend to battle premature greying. There are many ways in which we can treat or nourish our strands and scalp so that premature greying is prevented.

One such important way is eating fish, which is rich in vitamin D. It contains omega-3 which is very important for hair. Apart from this, fish also contains biotin which is a very important element for hair.

Benefits of eating fish rich in vitamin D for hair

1. Vitamin D in fish prevents hair loss
2. Omega-3 Promotes Hair Growth
3. Fish is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 supplements that work to boost collagen in the hair.

The other most important thing to do to avoid premature greying is to stop being aggressive on the hair. The need of the hour is to ensure gentle cleansing and hydration. When going for hair care products for this purpose, do remember to strictly avoid aggressive ingredients like sodium chloride, sulfates etc.

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