Rumors Circulate About Oommen Chandy’s Treatment; Controversial Audio Recording Emerges

In recent times, there has been ongoing speculation surrounding the quality of the medical care provided to former Chief Minister and Congress leader Oommen Chandy during his final days. Adding fuel to these rumors is an audio recording that has surfaced, purportedly depicting a phone conversation between two Congress leaders from Kottayam. According to this audio, Chandy’s family is said to have declined access to senior Congress figures such as MM Hassan, KC Joseph, and Benny Behanan during his time in Bengaluru. However, KC Joseph has publicly asserted that the audio is fabricated, and the claims made within it are untrue.

Taking to Facebook, Joseph stated that this alleged smear campaign, aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Chandy Oommen and his family, represents the last-ditch effort by the CPM to salvage their image and garner some votes. He went on to explain that during Oommen Chandy’s treatment in Bengaluru, he, MM Hassan, Benny Behanan, and himself individually visited him multiple times and met collectively at least once every two weeks. Joseph also disclosed that during these visits, they discussed various political and organizational matters.

Furthermore, KC Joseph noted that he had met with the former Chief Minister approximately one week before his passing. During this visit, he engaged in discussions with Chandy’s wife and also spoke with Chandy himself following his treatment. Joseph urged the Marxist party and its cyber operatives to retract their baseless accusations and smear campaigns.

AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal responded by asserting that such allegations would not sway public opinion, as people would instead remember the love and trust that Oommen Chandy had cultivated with his constituents over 53 years. Conversely, the CPM alleged that individuals associated with the Congress party were responsible for disseminating the audio and disclaimed any involvement.

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