Chandy Oommen Dedicates Puthuppally Victory to Voters and Promises to Be Their Voice

Following his resounding victory in Puthuppally, Chandy Oommen expressed his gratitude to the voters through a Facebook post. In his message, he dedicated his triumph to the voters of Puthuppally, emphasizing that it symbolizes the victory of goodness. He also pledged to stand with the people of Puthuppally as their representative.

“This is a victory that celebrates the essence of goodness! I wholeheartedly dedicate this win to each and every voter in Puthuppally. I also extend this dedication to the esteemed UDF leaders and dedicated workers. Most importantly, I offer this victory in loving memory of my father. I want to assure you all that I will faithfully uphold the trust that the people of Puthuppally have placed in me. I will be your voice,” wrote Chandy Oommen.

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