Jaick C Thomas Accepts Defeat in Puthuppally Bypolls, Pledges to Continue Political Journey

Jaick C Thomas has graciously acknowledged his defeat in the Puthuppally by-elections and expressed his acceptance of the people’s choice. Speaking to the media, he welcomed the election results, noting an increase in the vote share and emphasizing that the Left Front’s political foundation remains robust.

He clarified that throughout the Left’s campaign, they upheld the dignity of the electoral process and refrained from any disrespectful behavior. The by-election occurred shortly after the passing of Oommen Chandy, creating a sense of sentimentality, which was acknowledged and respected.

Jaick C Thomas reaffirmed his commitment to the political principles he has advocated, and he called for unity in working towards a new Puthuppally. He highlighted that the election did not revolve around the same political discussions as in 2021, attributing the significant impact of sentiment surrounding Oommen Chandy’s legacy.

Jaick C Thomas expressed his determination to continue his political journey and extended his best wishes to the newly elected MLA of Puthuppally.

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