Food Minister Strongly Opposes Ration Traders’ Strike, Warns of Severe Consequences

The Food Minister, G R Anil, has firmly expressed his disapproval of the impending strike by ration traders. He emphasized that the strike should not result in deserving families being deprived of their right to receive ration supplies. The minister issued a stern warning, indicating that the government would take significant measures if ration distribution is disrupted beyond the specified timeframe.

The Food Minister made it unequivocally clear that he will not tolerate any strike action that denies ration cardholders their entitled supplies, regardless of the circumstances. He urged ration traders to reconsider their decision to participate in such a strike. A faction of ration traders in the state is planning to go on strike.

The strike is driven by several demands, including the settlement of 11 months’ outstanding payments to traders for the supply of Ona Kits by the government, a revision of the wage package, and the resolution of persistent issues with the e-POS machine. Simultaneously, it was announced that the joint committee of ration traders would not partake in the strike.

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