LDF Braces for Tough Questions as Kerala Assembly Resumes Session

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) is gearing up to face a barrage of inquiries from the Opposition as the Kerala Assembly reconvenes for a four-day session commencing on Monday. Interestingly, this session follows closely on the heels of the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) securing a victory in the recent Puthuppally byelection in Kottayam.

During this session, the United Democratic Front (UDF) is expected to bring various issues to the forefront, ranging from the controversy surrounding AI-camera corruption to the ongoing investigation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) into the Karuvannur bank scandal.

Originally scheduled for September, the Assembly session had been postponed due to the Puthuppally byelection. It remains uncertain whether the Opposition will raise concerns regarding Kerala Chief Minister Veena Vijayan’s daughter and her alleged receipt of payments from a mineral sand processing company.

During the August 9 session, the Opposition faced criticism for retracting their decision to raise the issue within the Assembly. Nevertheless, Congress MLA Mathew Kuzhalnadan raised the matter during a discussion on the Kerala Government Land Assignment Act (Amendment) Bill, 2023. However, his allegations against the Kerala CM and his daughter seemed to backfire as the CPM accused the Congress legislator of accumulating wealth unlawfully, depositing funds in foreign accounts in violation of foreign currency regulations, and other charges. In response, the government initiated a Vigilance probe against him.

In the midst of these proceedings, Chandy Oommen, who was elected from the Puthuppally Constituency just last week, will be taking the oath as a Member of the Legislative Assembly on Monday. Notably, CPM legislator and former minister A.C. Moideen will not be attending the session, as he is required to appear before the ED for questioning in relation to the Karuvannur bank scandal.

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