Chandi Oommen Sworn in as Puthuppally MLA with an Oath in the Name of God

Chandi Oommen has officially assumed the role of Puthuppally MLA after taking the oath of office, solemnly swearing in the name of God. Following the oath, the Chief Minister extended his congratulations with a handshake. The Speaker and fellow Ministers warmly welcomed Chandy Oommen into the Legislative Assembly through handshakes. The formal photo session will be scheduled for another day.

Chandi Oommen’s induction took place during the ninth session of the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly, which commenced today at 10 am. The assembly had been temporarily suspended due to the Puthuppally by-election announcement.

Chandi Oommen began his day with a flurry of activities on the day of his oath-taking. He listened to the concerns and issues of those who had come to visit him at Puthuppally House before heading to the Pazhavangadi Ganapati Temple. Afterward, he paid a visit to the Atukal Temple. Following the prayer at the St. George Orthodox Church in Palayam, he proceeded to a mosque before finally making his way to the legislative assembly.

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