KPCC Chairman K Sudhakaran Remains Cooperative During ED Inquiry

K Sudhakaran, the Chairman of KPCC, has expressed his willingness to cooperate fully with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for questioning, stating that he is prepared to appear before them even on multiple occasions. He made this commitment after undergoing his second round of interrogation by the ED in connection with the antiquities scam case.

The ED had issued a summons to Sudhakaran, instructing him to be present at their office in Kochi at 11 am on Monday. Additionally, the central agency had requested information regarding his banking transactions over a five-year period. Sudhakaran had previously been questioned in this case on August 22. Following the first round of interrogation, the ED had summoned him again for August 30, but he had requested a delay due to his commitments related to the Puthuppally elections.

A former employee of Monson, named Jinson, had testified that Sudhakaran had received Rs 10 lakh at Monson Mavunkal’s residence in Kaloor. Anoop, the complainant in the case, had also claimed that the money had been transferred in November 2018. However, Sudhakaran vehemently denied these allegations. Sudhakaran’s questioning by the ED primarily revolves around financial transactions, including the one mentioned.

The ED’s involvement comes on the heels of a crime branch investigation into scams involving Monson. The ED’s focus is to ascertain if illicit funds such as black money and hawala money were involved in transactions amounting to significant sums. Both K Sudhakaran and certain police officers are being questioned by the crime branch as suspects in this ongoing investigation.

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