Opposition Accuses Kerala CM and State Government of Corruption in AI Camera and K-FON Projects

In a session discussing supplementary budget demands for the 2023-24 fiscal year, the Congress-led UDF opposition in Kerala has leveled accusations of corruption against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the ruling LDF government. These allegations pertain to two key projects, the artificial intelligence (AI) camera and the K-FON projects.

Congress MLAs Roji M John and P C Vishnunadh have specifically alleged corruption in the execution of the K-FON project, asserting that it has incurred an approximate loss of Rs 500 crore to the state’s treasury. Vishnunadh has also raised concerns about corruption in the AI camera road safety project.

In response to these allegations, Chief Minister Vijayan has firmly denied any wrongdoing in the implementation of both the AI camera and K-FON projects. He emphasized that the selection of companies for these projects followed a rigorous and proper tendering process.

Both the Chief Minister and State Industries Minister P Rajeev have highlighted the positive impact of the AI camera project on road safety. They noted a significant reduction in road accidents, resulting fatalities, and traffic violations as a result of this initiative.

Regarding the AI camera project, Rajeev informed that the allegations of corruption are under examination by the Kerala High Court, which will ultimately determine whether any wrongdoing occurred.

As for the K-FON project, Chief Minister Vijayan assured that the tendering process adhered to all legal requirements. He further explained that the government would not bear any financial burden related to the project, as its operating and maintenance costs would be covered by business operations.

Addressing concerns about the quality of equipment and cables used in the K-FON project, the Chief Minister clarified that a technical committee had been established to ensure the use of high-quality materials.

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