Health Minister Veena George heads to Kozhikode over Nipah virus concerns

In response to mounting concerns over suspected cases of Nipah virus in Kozhikode, Health Minister Veena George is set to visit the area to assess the situation. The district witnessed the unexpected deaths of two individuals due to fever recently, prompting suspicions of another Nipah infection. Minister Veena George has swiftly returned to Kozhikode to address the situation.

While it’s important to note that Nipah is currently just a suspected diagnosis, it warrants cautious attention. Test results for individuals under medical care are expected today, which will provide clarity on the situation. The deceased individuals hailed from Kutyadi and Vadakara, aged 40 and 49 respectively, and exhibited similar symptoms. Additionally, family members of one of the deceased, who had been suffering from fever, are now receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

Given that Nipah can potentially be transmitted through bats, a precautionary advisory advises refraining from consuming fruits that may have been exposed to birds. It’s strongly recommended to avoid self-medication if fever symptoms are present. The health department further proposes that each reported case of fever in the district be closely monitored. The District Medical Officer will conduct an assessment and forward a report to Health Minister Veena George.

Individuals experiencing fever alongside symptoms such as headache and vomiting are urged to exercise extra caution. Additionally, health workers attending to individuals with fever are advised to take special precautions.

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