Tamil Nadu Enhances Surveillance at Kerala Borders in Response to Nipah Virus Concerns

In response to the emergence of Nipah virus cases in Kerala, the Tamil Nadu government has heightened vigilance and increased monitoring at its border checkpoints. Medical teams have been deployed at key entry points such as Walayar and Nadukani. Across Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts, a total of 13 and seven checkpoints, respectively, now have medical teams in place.

Currently, vehicles arriving from Kerala are subject to thorough scrutiny, with a focus on passengers’ health conditions. Officials are diligently checking for any signs of fever or symptoms related to Nipah virus. If passengers exhibit such symptoms, they are denied entry into Tamil Nadu, and their contact information is collected for further investigation.

Aruna, the deputy director of the Coimbatore district health department, has confirmed that round-the-clock surveillance will be maintained at these checkpoints to ensure public health safety.

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