Google to Pay $93 Million Fine for Alleged Unauthorized Location Tracking

Google has been found liable for tracking users’ locations without proper consent and has agreed to pay a $93 million fine (approximately Rs 7,000 crore) as part of a settlement in a recent lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that Google had misled consumers regarding its tracking and storage of location information.

To enhance the accuracy of its maps, location-based services, and advertising relevance, Google has historically tracked user locations without explicit consent. However, Google has emphasized that users have the option to disable location tracking if they so choose.

The settlement stems from a legal action filed by California Attorney General Rob Bonda, who asserted that Google had misled users by creating a false impression that they had more control over their location data than was actually the case. This substantial fine results from a comprehensive investigation into Google’s practices concerning the handling of user data.

Rob Bonda stated that during the investigation, Google had conveyed a message to users that their location tracking would cease if they opted out. However, in reality, Google continued tracking users’ movements for its own commercial purposes, which was deemed unacceptable.

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