Relief for KSEB as Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Supplies 200 MW Power

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), grappling with a power shortage, received unexpected relief as the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board provided 200 MW of electricity. The provision of electricity comes with the condition that it must be returned next year.

The supply of electricity commenced yesterday and is expected to continue for one month. Notably, this electricity exchange arrangement was made without the need for a formal tender process.

Simultaneously, Kerala is facing a significant disparity between electricity generation and consumption due to reduced rainfall in the region. The scarcity of water in dams has hindered the potential for increased power production to address the crisis. Despite being permitted to purchase power until December through canceled long-term contracts, power companies have not been supplying electricity. Consequently, KSEB has initiated efforts to secure electricity through new contractual agreements.

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