India Permits Non-Basmati Rice Exports to Boost Food Security in Seven Countries

The Indian government has allowed the export of 10,34,800 tonnes of non-basmati white rice to seven countries, namely Nepal, Cameroon, Cote D’ Ivore, Guinea, Malaysia, Philippines, and Seychelles. This decision, facilitated through the National Cooperative Exports Limited (NCEL) and confirmed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), comes despite the ban on non-basmati white rice exports earlier in July, with the aim of enhancing domestic supply.

The export permissions have been granted to fulfill specific requests from these countries, aligning with their food security requirements. The allocated quantities for export are as follows: Nepal (95,000 tonnes), Cameroon (1,90,000 tonnes), Cote D’ Ivore (1,42,000 tonnes), Guinea (1,42,000 tonnes), Malaysia (1,70,000 tonnes), Philippines (2,95,000 tonnes), and Seychelles (800 tonnes). This strategic move enables India to contribute to the food needs of these nations while adhering to established trade regulations.

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