Government Resolves DIET Lecturers Dispute, Refuses Regularization of Temporary Appointments

In a recent development, the government has addressed the dispute surrounding the appointment of District Teacher Education and Training Institutes (DIET) lecturers. The Department of General Education issued an order refusing to regularize the temporary appointments of 89 teachers who were serving on deputation in DIET. These teachers, members of a pro-government teachers union, sought permanent appointments, but the government stated that such regularization would set a wrong precedent and be unfair to Public Service Commission (PSC) candidates awaiting appointments. The government emphasized that those appointed on deputation temporarily cannot be made permanent, concluding the resolution of the dispute.

The move comes after the five-year deputation period for these teachers ended in November. While they were initially ordered to be released from service, they did not return to schools. The issue escalated, leading to court involvement, and the government’s decision clarifies the status of these deputation officers, maintaining the integrity of the appointment process and upholding fairness to other candidates awaiting PSC appointments.

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