Healthiest Way to Cook Rice: Ayurvedic Expert’s Quick Tip

Rice, a staple in many Indian households, often sparks debates about its health implications. While some criticize it for being a source of starch, others appreciate its affordability and versatility. Health experts suggest that the key lies in moderation and the way rice is cooked. White rice, commonly accused of contributing to weight gain, can still be part of a healthy diet if consumed in the recommended portion size.

According to weight loss expert Amisha Sharma, who follows Ayurvedic principles, rice is considered a nutritious grain in Ayurveda, offering essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins. To enhance the nutritional value and alter the starch composition, Ayurveda recommends dry roasting rice before cooking. Here’s a step-by-step method for the healthiest way to cook rice:

Dry roast the rice grains.

Add salt and ghee to enhance flavor.

Add water and boil.

Strain the water.

Pair the rice with dal and sabzis for a wholesome meal.

The emphasis on moderation echoes throughout, emphasizing the importance of portion control for a balanced and healthy diet. The video shared by the expert provides detailed insights into this Ayurvedic approach to cooking rice.

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