Chandi Oommen MLA Updates Facebook Cover Photo with ‘Tatvamasi’ Image

Chandi Oommen MLA recently made changes to his Facebook page by updating the cover photo. In this update, Chandi Oommen shared an image of ‘Tatvamasi’ from the Sabarimala shrine. Notably, Chandi Oommen, who secured a remarkable victory in the Pudupally constituency, was officially sworn in as an MLA just the day before.

Chandi Oommen entered the legislative assembly with an impressive margin of victory, garnering 37,719 votes in his favor. This victory marks one of the largest majorities in the constituency, and it’s worth mentioning that Oommen Chandy had previously achieved a similar record majority in Pudupally.

The official oath-taking ceremony took place in the Legislative Assembly at 10 am and was administered in the name of God following a question and answer session. During this event, Chandi Oommen extended his greetings to the Speaker, Chief Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and fellow members of the House.

It’s noteworthy that Chandi Oommen received a warm welcome from the opposition bench. His seat in the assembly is adjacent to Thrikakkara MLA Uma Thomas. Chandy Oommen commenced his day by paying respects to Oommen Chandy’s picture with a lamp at Patupalli House in Thiruvananthapuram. In speaking with the media, he expressed that his father’s memories would serve as the guiding force behind his future endeavors. Before reaching the Assembly, Chandi Oommen also visited Pazhavangadi Attukal Temples, Palayam Masjid, and St. George Church.

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