Kerala Government Faces Criticism for Allegedly Shortchanging Farmers in Paddy Procurement

The Kerala state government is under scrutiny for allegedly reducing its share in paddy procurement, leaving farmers at a disadvantage. Reports suggest that, despite an increase in the central share of rice allocation in the current financial year, the state failed to adjust its share proportionately. The procurement price, set at Rs 28.20 per kilogram since the previous financial year, remains unchanged. The central share increased to Rs 21.83, while the state’s share was reduced to Rs 6.37, potentially depriving farmers of a higher payment.

Farmers and farmer organizations have yet to respond to this development, even as concerns mount over the state’s approach to paddy procurement. Despite budgetary allocations and promises of subsidies, the state’s actions have raised questions about its commitment to supporting paddy cultivation and ensuring fair compensation for farmers. The controversy highlights the challenges faced by the agricultural sector in Kerala and the need for transparent and equitable policies to safeguard the interests of farmers.

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