Medical Student Suspected of Nipah Infection Tests Negative in Thiruvananthapuram

In Thiruvananthapuram, a medical student who was suspected of having a Nipah infection has received a negative test result, providing relief. The test was conducted at the Institute of Virology in Khudakkal. Another individual from Kattakkada, who displayed symptoms of the Nipah virus, is also under observation, with their test result expected today.

The state has conducted a total of 181 tests thus far, and the absence of new positive cases is a positive development. Five more individuals with symptoms have been placed in isolation at the medical college, including a healthcare worker. The contact list now comprises 1,192 individuals. Among the four who previously tested positive, their conditions are improving, and two of them no longer exhibit symptoms.

Meanwhile, stringent measures have been implemented, particularly in Kozhikode city. Seven wards of Kozhikode Corporation and all wards of Farook Municipality have been designated as containment zones. The Beypur fishing harbor has been closed as it falls within a containment zone. The District Collector has issued orders allowing only online classes in all educational institutions within the district until the following Saturday, while public examinations will proceed as scheduled.

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