‘Swarnakolam’ Adds Splendor to Guruvayur Festival Procession

In a display of grandeur and devotion, Guruvayur will showcase a ‘Swarnakolam,’ a golden replica of the deity, during the ‘Ekadashi Vilakku’ festival procession starting today, specifically on Ashtami Vilakku Day. This exquisite Swarnakolam, crafted from 10 kg of gold, will be a highlight of the fourth round of the night ‘Vilakku’ procession.

The golden kolam features the divine depiction of Lord Sree Krishna (Unnikrishnan) reading a murli in the center, adorned by Veerashrankhala around. The open side is embellished with an array of 191 gold flowers in emerald green. The kolam is crowned with an umbrella showcasing a precious emerald stone and five layers of gold.

This Swarnakolam will be a prominent part of the procession during the last four days of the Ekadashi Vilakku, the final five days of the main festival, and on Ashtamirohini. Its presence adds an extra layer of magnificence to the already splendid celebrations at the Guruvayur temple.

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