Today’s Horoscope: Mixed Fortunes Await Zodiac Signs on March 21, 2024

Today’s horoscope indicates a mixed bag of fortunes across the zodiac signs. For Aries (Medam), the morning promises success and recognition, but caution is advised post-2 pm to avoid health issues and disruptions to travel plans. Similarly, Taurus (Edavam) may face obstacles in the morning but can expect rewards later in the day. Gemini (Midhunam) can enjoy success until noon, followed by potential conflicts and disillusionment. Cancer (Karkidakam) should remain alert for obstacles, especially in finances and health, though fortunes may improve post-2 pm. Leo (Chingam) may experience financial setbacks and distress in the afternoon despite a favorable morning. Virgo (Kanni) can anticipate a great day overall, with rewards, recognition, and good health. For Libra (Thulam), challenges prevail until early afternoon, followed by successful endeavors and familial joys. Scorpio (Vrischikam) faces a tough day with risks and mental stress, though fortunes may improve later. Sagittarius (Dhanu) can enjoy success until afternoon celebrations, but caution is advised thereafter to avoid mishaps and losses. Capricorn (Makaram) may experience luck and success throughout the day, with progress in various endeavors. Aquarius (Kumbham) should brace for hurdles and health issues until afternoon, followed by progress and success. Finally, Pisces (Meenam) may encounter challenges, financial setbacks, and conflicts, making it a difficult day overall.

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