Police arrests Haseen Jahan, the estranged wife of Indian Cricketer Mohd Shami

Haseen Jahan, estranged wife of cricketer Mohd Shami, was taken into custody by police in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh after she reached her husband’s house and created a ruckus. She was later released on bail.

She has reached Shami’s house in Sahaspur Ali Nagar village late on Sunday night. When her in-laws asked her to leave. she locked herself and her child in a room.

Shami’s family has informed the police. When the police failed to bring a truce between the warring parties, they took Haseen Jahan into custody.

Haseen Jahan said: “I have come to my husband’s house and I have every right to stay here. My in-laws are misbehaving with me and the police is supporting them. They should have arrested them but they are taking me to the police station.”

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