More than 1000 people attend football match in Belarus despite coronavirus pandemic

Despite rising coronavirus concerns across the world and in the country, and amid boycott movements from supporters, 1000 had flocked to the stadium to cheer and chant as a Belarusian top-flight league was underway on Monday at the OSK Brestsky Stadium. Belarus is, in fact, the only country in Europe to have not suspended their football league, hence drawing fans to the stadium. Moreover, Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, has been against lockdown measures in the country.

The match was between FC Dynamo Brest and Isloch Minsk, one of the three games of the Vysshaya Liga that was played on that day. And of those 1000 spectators, only a bare minimum wore masks on their face. Brest, the defending champions, won the match 3-1 to go third in the table. Talking about coronavirus cases in the country, Belarus so far has recorded 2919 cases with 29 deaths. While WHO stressed on a need for more stringent measures to control the spread of the virus in Belarus, Lukashenko shrugged it off calling it as a “psychosis”, and expressed his keen desire to keep the economy running.

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